Since 2020, Future Art Ecosystems (FAE) has taken the form of annual strategic briefings. Their mission has been to provide concepts, references, language and arguments that can be integrated into operational agendas for 21st-century cultural infrastructure: the systems that support the production, distribution and financialisation of art and advanced technologies as a whole, and respond to a broader societal agenda.

Future Art Ecosystems 3: Art x Decentralised Tech is now live—watch the launch on @serpentineUK’s Twitch, download the FAE3 pdf, request a hard copy of FAE3 or purchase the FAE trilogy.

From 25 November 2022, FAE is shifting into a new modality: designing and testing protocols for 21st-century cultural infrastructure. Sign up to our newsletter to keep up to date with the newest developments!

FAE was conceptualised by Serpentine Arts Technologies in collaboration with Rival Strategy. We are grateful to all the contributors, writers, advisors and artists who have made FAE a reality.

Serpentine Arts Technologies proposes critical and interdisciplinary perspectives on advanced technologies through artistic interventions, challenging and reshaping the role that technologies can play in culture and society. The foundation of the programme is located in an evolving R&D Platform that nurtures innovation for future art ecologies by securing a crucial institutional space for pragmatic interventions and necessary risk-taking at the intersection of art, science and technology. This is achieved through dedicated research labs (Blockchain Lab, Creative AI Lab, Legal Lab, Synthetic Ecologies Lab), orientation and knowledge-sharing with the wider sector through Future Art Ecosystems, and co-facilitation of a national Creative R&D Working Group. Tune in to Arts Technologies on Twitch.


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