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The Future Art Ecosystems annual briefing series is intended for those with an interest in the long-term strategic vision for art x advanced technologies (AxAT). Each issue provides concepts, references, language and arguments that can be integrated by ecosystem actors into operational agendas for the development of 21st- century cultural infrastructure: the systems that support the production, distribution and financialisation of art and advanced technologies as a whole, and respond to a broader societal agenda.

FUTURE ART ECOSYSTEMS VOL 1.Art x Advanced Technologies[2020]

Naming and framing the infrastructures being built around artistic practices engaging with advanced technologies with insights from Alexandra Daisy Ginsberg, Holly Herndon, Rebecca Allen, Refik Anadol and more on what it takes to make AxAT work today and why we need it to thrive in our art ecosystem.

FUTURE ART ECOSYSTEMS VOL 2.Art x Metaverse[2021]

Articulating the challenges and opportunities that institutions faced during the COVID-19 pandemic as advanced virtual environments posed questions about public space and accountability in virtual space; with insights from Larry Achiampong, Danielle Brathwaite-Shirley, Joey Holder, Keiken, Andie Nordgren, and more.

FUTURE ART ECOSYSTEMS VOL 3.Art x Decentralised Tech[2022]

Identifies new patterns for organisational and creative innovation within the broader space of decentralised technologies, variably dubbed as ‘web3’, ‘crypto’ and ‘dweb’. FAE3 offers a series of strategies for existing and new cultural organisations formulated through insights gained from industry, policy and art-making such as Laura Lotti, Cem Dagdelen, and Internet Archive.

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